You know what they say: summertime is for sippin’ in the sunshine! For many, summer is the best time to kick back with a beer and try something new. Blackhorse Pub and Brewery offers a wide selection of brews, making us your go-to for summer sips. No matter what kind of beer you like, we are sure to have something delicious and refreshing for you to cool down with this season.

Finding the Best Beer for Summer

Whether you’re a fan of lighter drinking, fruity notes, or simply refreshing brews, there are plenty of good beers for summer to choose from. Some of the most popular summer staples include:

  • Light lagers

  • Pilsners

  • IPAs

  • Wheat ales

  • Kölsch

  • Sours

  • Goses

  • Saisons

  • Blonde and golden ales

  • Cream ales

Of course, there is plenty of variety to be found within each of these categories. It can be overwhelming, but think of it as an opportunity to keep trying new things all summer long!

What Blackhorse Is Brewing This Season

Check out a few of our favorites (and something new!) that will be on tap this summer:

Verano (Mexican Lager)

Verano, our latest brew, is a must-try seasonal beer this summer. This Mexican lager is a refreshing beer with vibrant flavors that delivers a blend of citrus notes balanced with a subtle hint of floral hops. This crisp and clean golden-hued lager embodies the carefree spirit of summer with every sip.

Side Hustle Sour

Our Side Hustle Sour is an ode to everyone chasing their dreams and carving out time for their true passions. Characterized by fruity cranberry, grape, and citrus notes, this easy-drinking blackcurrant sour is the perfect companion for any creative pursuit. Our thirst-quenching sour is the perfect way to say cheers to what you love!

Blackhorse Blonde Ale

Sometimes, simple is better. Light, crisp, and refreshing with a soft malt character and delicate hop aroma, our Blackhorse Blonde Ale is brewed for any occasion. This craft beer is perfect for accompanying your summertime BBQs or an afternoon of summertime sipping with friends and loved ones.


The Stargazer Hazy IPA by Blackhorse is the best brew to accompany you on your outdoor adventures underneath the luminous stars. While tilting and sipping this brew toward the night sky, take in the sights and the out-of-this-world flavors of the Galaxy and Simcoe hops, which give this brew a heavy orange-citrus and hop aroma while maintaining a low bitterness.

Bad Apple Cider

Looking for something to sweeten up your summer season? Blackhorse’s Bad Apple Cider is a crisp, golden-colored, highly effervescent cider that’s not too sweet or tart—the "just right" of ciders with a bite. Ciders are perfect for cooling down in the summer heat and relaxing with a tasty craft brew to sip on.

Vanilla Cream Ale

Our Vanilla Cream Ale is a slightly sweet drinkable treat that combines fresh vanilla bean flavors with a smooth cream soda texture for a uniquely refreshing craft brew experience. This delicious ale is a fan favorite, making it a great go-to no matter what season it is.

Let the Summer Sippin’ Begin!

What are you waiting for? Stop by Blackhorse Pub and Brewery in Alcoa or Clarksville, Tennessee today to grab some of the best craft beers for summer! Whether you want to stop in to sip on some draft beers or grab a six-pack (or a few) to go, we’ve got many tasty options for you to choose from.