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Blackhorse Beers

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The Blackhorse originally opened in 1992 as the Franklin Street Pub in downtown Clarksville. Our founders, Jeff and Sherri Robinson, decided to settle down after Jeff’s deployment in Desert Storm as a pilot in the 101st Airborne. Clarksville was, and remains, a military town with many of our beers, like the Batch 160 and Batch 101, reflecting the special connection that the Blackhorse has with our military.The Blackhorse has been a mainstay of downtown Clarksville ever since, and we have been honored to be part of countless graduations, weddings, Hail and Farewells, reunions, and more.

Jeff and Sherri expanded the Pub into the Blackhorse Brewery and Pizza Kitchen in the building next door in 1995. We began brewing handcrafted ales in 1995 as one of the first craft breweries in the state.Our wealth of experience in the craft beer business is one of our defining characteristics as a brewpub. Our second Blackhorse opened in Western Plaza, Knoxville in the late 1990s. We closed it in 2000 following a tornado that decimated downtown Clarksville so that we could focus on rebuilding the original Blackhorse Pub & Brewery.Blackhorse reentered Knoxville in 2013 at the same location that we had in the ’90s. With our history as one of the first Tennessee craft breweries, we were well-positioned to tap into the craft beer wave that has been sweeping the country. We began distributing our beer to the outside world in 2014 and have since become one of the premier craft brewers in the state.The brewery operations outgrew our location in Western Plaza, so the Knoxville branch of the Blackhorse Pub moved downtown to Gay Street, and the brewery moved to a new 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Alcoa. We recently opened a small restaurant and beer garden for enjoying the outdoors there. Soon, we will open the brewery for guided tours.Being part of downtown Knoxville and downtown Clarksville is integral to our identity. These resurgent downtown areas are the heart of each community.  We are proud that our buildings are on the National Historic Register and that the building in Alcoa is in the process of being added to the Register. We want to contribute to the core of each community where we are located. Preserving and utilizing historic structures is an important aspect of that goal.

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